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Shaolin Kung Fu Training APK


Shaolin Kung Fu Training // 2014-10-08 // Shaolin Kung Fu Training: Want to learn how to do Shaolin Kung Fu? Who better to teach you than World Champion and United International Kung Fu Hall of Fame inductee Sifu Karl Romain? In these videos he shows you how to do all the kung fun stances; blocking and attacking patterns; 18 hands techniques; self-defense moves; all kinds of kicks; and much more.

1) 5 Animals of Kung Fu
2) How to Do Tiger & Crane Self-Defense
3) How to Do the Monks Punching Drill
4) How to Do Blocking & Attacking Patterns
5) How to Do the Crane Stance
6) How to Do the Horse Stance
7) How to Do the Empty Stance
8) How to Do the Drop Stance
9) How to Do the Forward Stance
10) How to Warm Up & Stretch
11) How to Do Eagle Claw Push-Ups
12) How to Do the Slide Up Round House
13) How to Do Basic Combinations
14) Combination Side Punch & Reverse Punch
15) Eagle Seizes Gullet from 18 Hands
16) Carry the Basket on Arm from 18 Hands
17) Drawing the Bow of 18 Hands Techniques
18) Cannon Mounted on Beam from 18 Hands
19) Dragon Subduing Hand from 18 Hands
20) Deft Sewing Needle from the 18 Hands
21) Single Rafter from 18 Hands Techniques
22) Golden Hook from 18 Hands Techniques
23) How to Do Twisting a Strand of Silk
24) How to Do Sweep of 18 Hands Techniques
25) Swing Hammers over Body from 18 Hands
26) Ball Kick from 18 Hands Techniques
27) Mandarin Duck Feet from 18 Hands
28) Chopping the Log of 18 Hands Techniques
29) Monk Ropes the Tiger from 18 Hands
30) Twisted Phoenix Elbow from 18 Hands
31) Monk Strikes the Bell from 18 Hands
32) Monk Push the Door from 18 Hands
33) How to Do the 18 Hand Solo Form
34) How to Do 18 Hand 2 Man Set Moves
35) Learn More 18 Hand 2 Man Set Moves
36) 7 Great 18 Hand 2 Man Set Moves
37) How to Do the Long Fist Form
38) Low Block Self-Defense Long Fist Form
39) Hammer to Reverse Punch Self-Defense
40) Step Palm Reverse Palm Self-Defense
41) Turn Chop Self-Defense Long Fist Form
42) Press Spear Self-Defense Long Fist Form
43) Hook Turn Palm from Self-Defense
44) Fist Over Knee, Elbow Over Knee
45) Hack from Self-Defense Long Fist Form
46) Hook Palm Self-Defense Long Fist Form
47) Block Palm Self-Defense Long Fist Form
48) 6 Hand Techniques
49) 6 Kicking Techniques
50) How to Do a Jump Front Kick
51) How to Do the Jump Inside Kick
52) How to Do the Jump Outside Kick
53) How to Do the Butterfly Kick
54) How to Do the Leap Into Pu Bu
55) Using Long, Short & Flexible Weapons
56) How to Use the Double Broadsword
57) 5 Basic Staff Techniques
58) 3 Compulsory Combinations
59) How to Do the Sweeping Technique
60) How to Do the Dragon's Tail Kick
61) How to Do Chin-Na
62) What Is Shaolin Kung Fu?
63) What Is Iron Body Training?
64) What Is Northern & Southern Shaolin?
65) 14 Fighting Techniques
66) 4 Fighting Tips
67) Shaolin Kung Fu with Sifu Karl Romain



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